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Kelly Pellatt

Bio: Kelly earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of British Columbia in 1994. Upon completion of this degree she began working with disadvantaged youth within the Vancouver School Board as a Youth and Family Worker and an Alternate Program Worker. Recognising a deeper calling to become a therapist, Kelly returned to the University of British Columbia where she earned her Masters of Social Work degree in 1998. Since this time Kelly has worked as a therapist in Adult Mental Health in Surrey British Columbia Canada. During her career as a therapist, Kelly has developed a keen interest in the area of psychodynamic therapy and trauma therapy which focuses on compassion and the location of ones Truth underneath adversity.

From a profound journey in rising in her Truth the author awoke to a greater calling to help others locate and rise in their Truth.

Kelly Pellatt lives in Langley, British Columbia with her husband Marlow and German Shepard Kulshan. She counts her blessings to have her daughters, daughter in-law and grandson live close by. "Rise of the Good Wolf" is her first book.

Awards:2017 - Winner National Indie Excellence Awards
2017 - Finalist International Book Awards