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Jim Brosseau

Bio: Jim Brosseau's career and life have meandered in many interesting ways. He grew up wanting to be a surgeon, but changed his mind just before entering university. He ended up with a degree in physics, but never used that knowledge in the real world.

His work has varied from involvement in a monumental air traffic control system to many simpler projects with small teams. He has worked with and taught topics from high technology to personal relationships, engaging with high school students and CEOs alike, and has learned from everyone he's come in contact with along the way. For the most part, he's never stayed with any one organization for more than a few years; the call to do something different has always been too strong.

He is now acting on one of the most important changes in his personal life: answering the call to raise awareness about resilience, turning up the volume on the discussion about how we can consciously build our resilience, at a time when the need is more acute than ever.

Jim lives with his wife and two children in Vancouver, coaches and trains teams to become more effective at working together, and hopes to be competent in both building and playing stringed instruments some day.

It's all part of his journey.