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Red Tuque Books Inc.  Larry_Li

Larry Li

Bio: Larry Li holds a BA in philosophy and honors in holistic nutrition, and he is in the process of studying Ayurveda and special intervention for autism. He works one-on-one with clients as a healer, counselor, and meditation facilitator. Having previously specialized in OCD-related disorders, he is now branching out and is interested in developing meditation techniques for youth, especially those with special needs.

Larry has battled apathy, anxiety, and depression and been diagnosed with Graves's disease and lung cancer. As someone who used to be overweight, hates authority, can't sit still, and is generally hedonistic, he considers his journey to becoming a meditation proponent an interesting ride, and now, he's sharing his story to inspire others.

This book is also a means to pay it forward. It contains the teachings given to Larry by teachers all around the globe.