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Red Tuque Books Inc.  Yam_Cooper

Yam Cooper

Bio: Yam Cooper is a writer, artist, musician, coach, educator, speaker, activist, humourist, entrepreneur, and maker of long lists. Seeing a need for material in the world that will assist in raising the next generation's leaders and critical thinkers, he set out to create works which could inspire, open minds, educate, and bore to death people of all ages.

He is a member of the non-profit family band Vivibe, playing world music for peace and deepening the human to human and human to planet connection. He is on the board of directors of Happy Hive Creative Learning Society, a fresh new organization of awesome visionaries creating innovative creativity, life skills, and teamwork programs for children.

Cooper alternates between freezing and boiling in southern Okanagan and getting soaked to the bone in Vancouver (both in BC, Canada).

Prior to all this, Cooper spent over nine whole months in a dark, tight space, without eating or drinking. Later he found out it was a womb.