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Red Tuque Books Inc.  Bobbi_Car

Bobbi Car

Bio: Bobbi grew up on acreage in Silverdale, a rural neighbourhood within the city of Mission, BC. Born into a talented family of artists, musicians, and resourceful do-it-yourselfers, creativity was embraced and encouraged. Never quite sure of what to pursue in life, Bobbi experimented with various occupations, from guiding horseback rides at a local ranch to organizing large-scale special events at a golf course. After attending three different post-secondary institutions for arts and nursing, Bobbi decided to end her career search and pursue her one true calling, creative writing.

The Anne-Marie is Bobbi's award-winning, debut short story. The inspiration was drawn from the many summers spent fishing the waters of British Columbia's Pacific coast aboard her family's seine fishing boat.

Awards:First Place winner of the 2012 Canadian Tales of the Heart Short Story Competition