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Anne Barton

Bio: Anne Barton is a retired veterinarian and flight instructor now living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

Born in Drumheller, Alberta, Anne moved with her family to live with grandparents in the US during the dust bowl and depression of the 1930s. She grew up mainly in Northern Idaho.

Anne attended McGill University with a pre-med major, but decided she like animals better and transferred to Washington State University where she received a BSc degree and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, with highest honors. She interned at the prestigious Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston. She returned to Canada in 1988 to run a veterinary clinic in Penticton, BC.

In 1966, Anne fulfilled a desire to learn to fly. Within a year she had obtained a commercial pilot and a flight instructor certificate, and did flight instruction as a sideline for many years after.

After retirement, Anne founded, and for several years was president of, a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Penticton, and is still actively involved. She has written eight mystery novels and won several awards for articles and short stories.

Awards:Cat and Mouse was short-listed for the Dark Oak mystery contest.