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Robert Alvo

Bio: Robert Alvo is a conservation biologist, bird expert and amphibian expert. He first discovered his passion for the natural world at age ten. His family had just moved from Montreal to Greece, and his walk to school took him through the hills of Thessaloniki. His fascination with the birds and other wildlife in the countryside ignited his lifelong study of the natural world.

After high school, Robert returned to Canada to study biology at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. While working on his Master's degree at Trent University, he examined the effects of acid rain on the Common Loon, and continued the study for 25 years.

Robert Alvo's professional accomplishments in the field of conservation biology thus far include:
- Founding Canada's first Conservation Data Centre as Project Zoologist in 1988.
- As a cooperator of NatureServe, developing Canadian national conservation status ranks for the birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals of Canada in the late 1990s, and more recently for Mexico's birds.
- Writing and translating numerous species accounts for the provincial atlas The Breeding Birds of Quebec.
- Negotiating land protection deals for Quebec's arm of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
- Writing eight national (COSEWIC) status reports for the Canadian Wildlife Service.
- Managing Parks Canada's species database.