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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780993922367
Title: constant sister
Sub-Title: a sister katherine medieval mystery
Author: Gillian Bridge
ISBN: 9780993922367
Publication Date: 2017
Publisher: Quadra Books
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Price: 21.95

London 1189: King Richard's coronation, a deadly fire and a wave of anti-Jewish violence set the scene for a mysterious death.

Sister Katherine, a sister at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, faces two critical tasks: to nurse the wounded and ranting Sir Ralph back to health and to unearth what really happened. And she must do both before the sheriff and his men take her patient to Newgate Gaol to be hanged.

Story and history, miracles and medicine entwine in this riveting mystery that transports the reader into a feudal world dominated by religion and hierarchy.

A novel of grace and precision from the author of Times and Places.