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Cheryl Forrest

Bio: Cheryl Forrest is an internationally-known counsellor, artist, and teacher. Early in life, Cheryl became aware of her abilities and pursued a ministerial degree as well as a degree in humanistic parapsychology. She has been counselling for over forty years and teaching spiritual and intuitive classes nearly as long. Cheryl's work has taken her into the United States and throughout Canada. Much of the teaching and lecturing is conducted privately; however, she does present to businesses, high schools, teaches, transition houses, and various groups and organizations. The workshops cover a broad range of subjects from stress reductions to psychic and spiritual development. Cheryl is known for her humour and down-to-earth approach as well as her loving, empathetic understanding, which prevails throughout her work. Cheryl lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.