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Kay McCracken

Bio: Kay McCracken raised a daughter in Vancouver and then in a fit of mid-life restlessness (her search for an authentic life) left family and friends for the small town of Salmon Arm in the south central corner of British Columbia, where she opened a bookstore named Reflections. That bold act ultimately opened the door to her writing life, her secret dream all along.

Since closing Reflections, she has had two books published, as well as poems and short stories. As a central interior rep for the Federation of BC Writers for six years, she organized countless events; writers' coffee houses, book signings, Television and radio interviews, promoting the Gracesprings Collective authors. She acted as the Collective's book rep for several years, co-founded Word on the Lake in 2003, has given readings all over BC, including at the Vancouver International Writers' Festival, and nowadays, Kay is a full time writer, columnist, and she enjoys presenting her memoir workshop