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Tina Powell

Bio: Award-winning author Tina Powell entertains, inspires, and educates children through the written word. Whether it's revealing all the wild and kooky things she has hidden in her 'Imagination Box' or sharing one of her bestselling children's books, Tina Powell sparks squeals of delight and peals of laughter from her young fans.

After years as an accomplished journalist, Tina embraced the genre of children's literature. Several of her short stories were published in Chickadee Magazine and her children's picture books quickly became bestsellers.

Her popular picture books amuse and empower children, while celebrating the special view they have of the world. She has reached over 600,000 children and worked with companies, such as Boar's Head Provisions, Canada Bread, Mars Canada, and Procter & Gamble, to encourage healthy eating, physical fitness and improved literacy skills.

Her children's book If You Could See What I See... raised $58,000 for the Canadian Red Cross U.S.A. Appeal

Awards:Tina was the recipient of the 2005 Mississauga Emerging Literary Arts Award, the 2010 inductee into the Sheridan College Business Hall of Fame, and a 2011 McMaster University Arch Award.