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Red Tuque Books Inc.  KatrinHorowitz

Katrin Horowitz

Bio: Katrin Horowitz published her first novel, Power Failures, in 2007 following two lengthy volunteer assignments with CESO in Sri Lanka. The book, a murder mystery set in a small coastal village on the south coast of Sri Lanka, focuses on the myriad levels of betrayals in a complicated world.

In 2008 Katrin attended the Victoria School of Writing summer program, where she worked with Steven Galloway. She went on to win a prize in a Victoria competition with a short story entitled 'Blues for a Bridge' and has contributed short pieces to an international anthology called Saying Goodbye (Dream of Things Press, 2010) and Quadra Books' Pathways Not Posted.

Katrin lived in Germany, the US, Scotland, and in various cities across Canada before discovering the beauties of Victoria, BC, where she now lives.

Awards:Katrin Horowitz's novel, 'The Best Soldier's Wife', was a finalist in The Great BC Novel Contest