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Sandy Dow

Bio: Sandy Dow is a spiritual teacher and mentor, certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and creator of the transformational coaching method called 'The Dow Effect'; a potent blend of spiritual practices and cutting edge stress management techniques.

Years of battling health issues and anxiety turned into a crisis for Sandy in her 40's as she experienced an emotional and physical breakdown, marriage separation, and the loss of her career due to burnout. Life as she knew it, would be forever changed. She slowly started a powerful new direction and healing journey which included a two year apprenticeship in Shamanism, a life-changing vision quest, as well as a rigorous three year training with the Foundation of Human Enrichment Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

Sandy's 25 year background in healthcare provided her with a strong foundation in the helping field, including her experience teaching Shamanism at a local college and an addiction facility for adolescent girls. This eventually evolved into a practice providing trauma-informed success and performance coaching. Since then Sandy has mentored, taught and coached hundreds of clients international and locally.

Her writing has been published in Elephant Journal and she stays busy sharing her simple stress tools relief on radio, video, and stage.

Currently she can be found facilitating workshops, teaching on-line and backstage providing performance horsepower for TED talk speakers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and athletes, including a multiple award winning Paralympian.