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Red Tuque Books Inc.  Chantale_Roy

Chantale Roy

Bio: Chantale is a native of a cold reclused area in Quebec, Canada. On her ancestors colonizers land where we still feel their spirit, she learned that nothing is impossible for her, when she believes in it. Her path is coloured by two themes: freedom and authenticity. Her first mentors guided her quest towards environmental values. 'A new diet for America' set the tone to her path that led her to become vegetarian, practicing organic agriculture, then became vegan, exploring gradually a raw food diet. For the last fifteen years, living foods have became her main play ground.

After a journey at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, she deeply experienced the benefits of raw foods on her own health as well as on number of people who crossed her path. Then she continued her research in California where she became a certified raw food chef at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.

Chantale spread her love for all living things through community involvement, her raw gourmet cuisine restaurant in Quebec and in British Columbia and her books Rawfreshing Cuisine and Rawfreshing Express Vol. 1. She has created the first worldwide raw, vegan and vegetarian culinary art university program at UBC in Vancouver.

Wherever she teaches in North America and Europe, people vibrate to the rhythm of Chantale's passion and culinary fibers. Her respect for every living thing will inspire you and her love of exquisite flavour combinations will enchant you.