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Karel Doruyter

Bio: Karel Doruyter, AFCA, was born in Rotterdam, Holland, and came to Canada in 1953. He attended the University of BC from 1961 to 1968. During this time he had his own studio and also supported himself as a graphic artist. At present Karel Doruyter paints, writes and manages high latitude expeditions in Penticton BC. He has a daughter who lives with her family on Gabriola Island, and a son who lives with his mother in Victoria.

During his six year stay on Haida Gwaii, Karel Doruyter found himself fascinated by the myths and legends surrounding the Raven. Instead of following a single tribe's version of these stories, he used a blend of similar or related myths occurring in peoples of the Canadian north, north west coast, and the Siberian east coast. His paintings combine realism with the more stylized approach of the North West Coast native art.