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Red Tuque Books Inc.  David_Korinetz

David Korinetz

Bio: David Korinetz grew up in Winnipeg, where he was employed in the Aerospace industry for 19 years. In 1993 he packed up and moved to Vancouver Island, where he began a new career in the software industry. His travels finally brought him to Penticton in 2000. While working there as computer programmer he decided to try writing in his spare time. This decision would ultimately alter the course of his life.

The catalyst that made David's dream of being a Fantasy writer become a reality was enrolling in a Writer's Digest correspondence course in 2002. His instructor, Steven F. Havill, taught what POV (point of view) means, why stories have plots, and more importantly, how to make an outline. Armed with this new knowledge, David spent the next four years writing, rewriting, and ultimately publishing his first fantasy novel, FireDrakes (2007).

In 2009 David published his second book, Sorceress, and started Red Tuque Books, a book distribution company for Canadian self-published authors and small presses. In 2011 David published the third novel in his Daemon Knight Fantasy series, Halfling. He is presently working on the fourth book in his Daemon Knight series.

Awards:2005 - Honorable Mention, Annual Hidden Talents Short Story Contest.
2008 - Honorable Mention, Writers of the Future Writing Contest.
2016 - Winner of the 2016 Penticton & District Literary Arts Award.