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Craig Brunanski

Bio: Craig Brunanski was raised in Wakaw. His was an idyllic childhood. The town and the lake were his playgrounds, and kids of every age and background were his friends. Growing up in a newspaper family -his parents ran The Recorder- gave him an appreciation for the written word and the power of a story. He attended the University of Saskatchewan and went on to teach English in Edmonton for seventeen years. While there he began to write freelance articles and to contribute to in-house publications. He also discovered acting. In 1986 he moved to Vancouver to become an actor/writer. There he continued to write, producing and performing in his 'great Canadian hockey play' Home Ice. As an actor in television and film, he appeared in such shows as the Beach Combers, the X-Files and Scary Movie, his 'fifteen minutes of fame'. Craig began writing Wakaw in 2005. The opportunity to launch the novel at the town's 100th anniversary celebration was a dream come true -to reach the very audience for whom he was writing, a readership whose experience of Wakaw makes the story their own.