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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9781927375037
Title: From Chaos to Control
Sub-Title: Build A High Performance Team Using Knowledge Management
Author: Sharron Batsch
ISBN: 9781927375037
Publication Date: 2013
Publisher: Civil Sector Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 7 x 10
Price: 24.95

By working closely with charities, Sharron Batsch has witnessed first-hand how a chaotic approach to the management of donor gift data takes its toll. Donations are down, donor relations have not been well-recorded and organizational history is in disarray. It's frustrating
and yet understandable, as many charities are operating without a knowledge plan and have no management paradigm to draw from. When it comes to data management, chaos doesn't have to be the norm.

From Chaos to Control will help you to:
- identify areas where chaos lurks
- troubleshoot common data management issues with practical solutions
- implement improvements that are sustainable
- build a high performance team
- create a work environment that is more productive

The intent of this book is to bring chaotic data management issues to light so that you can make positive adjustments where they will be most beneficial. The result will be better quality data and more accessible information which leaves staff with more time to focus on, explore and embrace new opportunities to build a successful fundraising program.