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What is Red Tuque Books?

Red Tuque Books is a book distributor for Canadian authors and publishers. Besides servicing independent bookstores, gift shops, libraries and schools, Red Tuque Books also offers these books directly to the public via this website. Please use the search tools on the left to select from the 400+ list of Canadian books available from Red Tuque Books.

How do the search tools & options work?

Book Search

The ‘Search Text’ box works with the ‘Search By’ option above it. The default option in the ‘Search By’ drop down box is ‘Title’, but it can be changed to ISBN, Author, Publisher, Subtitle, or Format. Select an option from the 'Search By' dropdown, enter all or part of what you are looking for in the 'Search Text' box, and then click on ‘Go’, or press the enter key.

Use the ‘Main Category’ drop down to further narrow the search down to a specific category. The default category is 'All'. One or more ‘Genre' filters can be selected to list only titles within specific genres. Clicking on a genre description will immediately list all the books in that genre that also matches any selections made in the other search options.

*To see the list of e-books select 'Format' in the Search By Options dropdown and enter e-book in the Search Text box.

Book List

All books are listed alphabetically by title. For example, clicking on the ‘B’ button will list all books that begin with the letter ‘B’. Each book listed also has a link to the author profile which in turn will list all available books by that author.

Author List

All author profiles are listed alphabetically by the author’s last name. For example, clicking on the ‘B’ button will list all authors with a last name that begins with the letter ‘B’. Each author profile will list all available books by that author.

How much will the shipping cost?

Shipping costs within Canada start at $6.49. The maximum shipping you will be charged for any order is $15.49, regardless of the number of books being ordered. In order to keep the shipping costs as low as possible, all the desired books should be added to the PayPal shopping cart before completed the sale. Books are usually shipped from BC within 1 or 2 business days.