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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780986692505
Title: Soul-Link
Sub-Title: Parting the Veils of Separation
Author: Alida Hilbrander
ISBN: 9780986692505
Publication Date: 2010
Publisher: Lightship Musings Books
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 7 x 10
Price: 26.95

Soul-link pushes the envelope for all of us. It is the story of the continuity of connection between loved ones beyond the separation of death. It is a personal account of spiritual growth that serves as an example for you, the reader to venture forth with your own jouney of discovery. When loved ones pass over into another dimension they continue to grow in Light, and, when we render ourselves receptive to their growth, our lives will be enriched as well.

From this book, you will learn simple steps for entering meditation and moments of reflection which will allow you to create a 'Soul-Link' in your relationships now, enabling you to live a more joyous, meaningful life.