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Shelley Richardson

Bio: Shelley Richardson studied as a professional student at Canada's esteemed National Ballet School. In subsequent years, she became a ballet mistress teaching in a variety of ballet studios in the Toronto area. These early teaching experiences lead to her passion for education and career as a College English Professor, an AMI Elementary Montessori Teacher and Curricula Designer.

Shelley has transitioned from her full time teaching career to explore another lifelong passion: the written word. Through her company EDDY PRESS, she is bringing inspirational books to children, adults and educators. She feels blessed to be living her dream and through her uplifting stories, she encourages readers to live passionately by their own heartstrings.

Shelley Richardson is the author of SOPHIE & The Magic of Dance and BIG BOOMERANG for children, RIVER: WE ARE EVER THE MASTERPIECE for adults and KEEPERS & SEEKERS: The New Educational Paradigm for educators and parents. She also writes 'The Eddy', a free monthly e-newsletter, offering uplifting messages that encourage readers to ride the wave of positivity through life.

Awards:Her book SOHIE & The Magic Of Dance was a nominee for the Canadian Library Association's Book Of The Years Award For Children