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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780969774846
Title: I Can't Find the Words to Tell You
Author: Anne Everatt
ISBN: 9780969774846
Publication Date: 1995
Publisher: Ethnic Enterprises
Format: Saddle Stitch
Size: 8 x 11
Price: 9.95

This charming trilingual (English, Ukrainian, French) picture book tells the simple little story of how Bill Kostiuk came to Canada in 1898 with his parents when he was four years old. Bill's daughter Anne Everatt, who is an accomplished artist, retells his story and illustrates it with lovely cloth collages. The book is printed on special textured paper to simulate cloth.

Written in English and illustrated by Anne Everatt

Ukrainian translation by John W Evanishen

French translation by Melesia Kasha

Review - 'The story, told by a young child, briefly recounts moving from a little house in Ukraine to Canada, where father not only builds a new house, but one that looks exactly like the Ukrainian one. The addition of a puppy to the household makes life in the new country complete. This picture book is a trilingual publication, containing Ukrainian, English, and French text. The simple narration faces colour cloth collages.' - BC Book Publishers Association review for schools, Subject Core French, Language Arts, Social Studies Audience Grades K-5