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Susan Lancaster

Bio: Susan was born in Yorkshire, England and now lives on Vancouver Island, Canada. She had plenty of opportunity to hone her writing skills as a business consultant, but a disabling accident in 1996 turned her life upside down. She could no longer travel in her work, so she decided to finally turn to writing. She has written Hell's Gate Trilogy for juveniles, a management book called The Frog Snogger's Guide and two booklets on self-help.

The Diamond Talisman, The Caves & The Skull and Hell's Gate are the titles of the three books in Hell's Gate Trilogy. The books are about Kate, James and Amanda and include Kate's guardian angel Oscar, the ostrich. Oscar has two angel friends, Jenza the tiger and Isia the bald eagle. When the children are in danger, which is quite often, the angels come to defend them and create some spectacular incidents.