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Sean Haldane

Bio: Sean Haldane was born in England in 1943, he grew up in Northern Ireland, and in 1967 moved to Canada where he lived until 1994 - in Quebec, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island. He now lives in London, England.

He was educated at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution and at University College Oxford where he obtained First Class Honours in English Language and Literature. Subsequently he completed a PhD in Psychology at Saybrook Institute (now Saybrook University), San Franciso, and trained and became licensed in Clinical Psychology. He has worked as a psychologist and neuropsychologist, mainly in memory clinics, in Canada and in the UK, most recently as Head of Neuropsychology in the NHS in East London.

He is best known as a publisher (The Ladysmith Press, Quebec, 1968-1974), a writer of psychology books (Emotional First Aid, Couple Dynamics) and literary studies (Donne, Hardy), and as a poet: his first published volume of poems was in 1968, and his most recent is Always Two: Collected Poems 1966-2009.

Awards:Sean Haldane's book, The Devil's Making, a novel set in 19th century Victoria, has been awarded the Crime Writers of Canada 2014 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel.