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Red Tuque Books Inc.  EileenKernaghan

Eileen Kernaghan

Bio: Eileen Kernaghan's speculative poetry collection Tales From the Holograph Woods draws its themes from science fiction, myth and magic, dark fantasy and fairy tales. Eileen is also the author of eight historical fantasy novels that reflect her fascination with other times and places, from the prehistoric Indus Valley to Victorian England. She was shortlisted in 2009 for the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, and in 2005 for the Sheila Egoff Prize for Children's Literature. Her latest novel, Sophie, in Shadow, will be published by Thistledown Press in spring 2014.

Awards:Aurora (Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy) Award 2001 Best Long form Work in English, 'The Snow Queen' (Thistledown Press, 2000).

Aurora Award for short fiction, 'Carpe Diem', 1990.

Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Award 1983-84, 'Songs from the Drowned Lands', (Ace Books 1983).

'Porgy' Award from The West Coast Review of Books for original paperback fantasy, 'Journey to Aprilioth', (Ace Books 1980).

Also shortlisted for:
Wild Talent: 2009 Sunburst Award for Canadian literature of the fantastic

The Alchemist's Daughter: 2004 British Columbia Book Prize (Sheila Egoff Prize for Children's Literature).

The Snow Queen: 200 Canadian Library Association for Best Children's Book.

The Sarsen Witch: 1990 Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Award.