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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780968895719
Title: Magic in the Mountains
Author: Carol McTavish, Lori Nunn
ISBN: 9780968895719
Publication Date: 2002
Publisher: McTavish & Nunn
Series:Mountain Magic - A Wilderness Series
Series Number:2
Format: Saddle Stitch
Size: 10 x 8
Price: 12.95

Magic in the Mountains is the story of Katie and her friend Ethan who learn of an ancient path up a mountain from an old native storyteller. The two friends enjoy a day of following a bald eagle, climbing the path and finding endless moments of mountain 'magic' along the way!

This book creates a child's version of a 'vision quest'. Through colorful illustrations filled with hidden creatures, children can experience firsthand the 'magic' of a day in the mountains. Sidebars written in rhyme teach factual information to children in a fun way!

Review - 'Each of these books can be read alone or as part of a series. They are ideally suited for middle-school readers, although much younger children and readers of all ages will be drawn to illustrator Wentzloff's carefully crafted and detailed renderings of the Rocky Mountains and the creatures -- both human and wild -- who call them home.' - Julie Burtinshaw for