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Julie Broad

Bio: Julie is the author of More Than Cashflow: The Real Risks & Rewards of Profitable Real Estate Investing, award winning blogger and feature writer for Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.

Today, after twelve years of owning properties in six different cities across Canada, overcoming a property manager charged with manslaughter, handling many bad tenants and raising millions of dollars in capital from investors, she knows exactly what it takes to succeed in real estate - and it's not what most tv personalities and authors will tell you.

Julie's became a sought after keynote speaker taking the stage across Canada for major events like the World Money Show and the Investor Forum series. Her work as also been published in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, the Vancouver Sun, Early to Rise, Yahoo! Finance and dozens of other North American online and offline newsletters, blogs and publications. She holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business as well as a BComm from the University of Calgary.

She's also a great Mom to two shelter dogs and a wonderful wife to her supportive husband Dave.