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Mary Metcalfe

Bio: I've had a love affair with the written word all my life. I grew up on Nancy Drew, Tom Sawyer and Grimm's Fairy Tales, eventually graduating to authors like Le Carre, Grisham and Nora Roberts as well as biography and autobiography.

As a kid, summers would find me lounging against a tree in a local park, my bike parked nearby and my current book and an apple in hand. During the cold months, I spent many a happy Saturday afternoon at the library.

It wasn't until I was in second year university that I gave much thought to the future of my writing. My American Lit prof asked me to stay back after one class. I had just completed one of his (in)famous 600-word essays. He asked me if I was considering going into journalism, because he found my essays tightly organized and succinct. That ability, he told me, would make me a good candidate for reporting. I switched universities and programs, left home, took out a student loan and made my way to Ottawa, Ontario and the Carleton University School of Journalism.

Fast forward 'a few' years and, I never did pursue a journalism career but I did become a professional writer and editor. Now, I'm a published fiction author and what is called 'a later bloomer' - I've reinvented myself yet again. And this time, I am pursuing my true passion: writing novels that tell stories about people who are embracing change and transforming their lives and the lives of their loved ones for the better.