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Red Tuque Books Inc.  DianaYoung

Diana E. Young

Bio: Diana lives with Peter, her husband of 34 years. Six months of the year they reside in a ski resort in Vernon, B.C, close to family and friends. For the other six months of the year they sail around the world onboard their sailboat QuickStar.

Diana was forced to retire from her business at the age of 47, due to an illness. Fortunately she lived a life where she spent less than she earned and saved the rest, so her situation, which could have been a financial disaster, was simply a challenge to make the most of.

Diana's greatest achievement is prioritizing their life, so that neither of them ever had to miss a Christmas concert, a sporting event or any other important activity of their children's life. She became financially free from her innovative internet travel agency business, her real estate investments and her adherence to the financial fitness programs - particularly of living a life of thrift, without sacrifice, rather than consumerism.

Diana's personal philosophy about money, which she shares in her book, is that doing is more important and meaningful than having. Giving to others, either through financial donations or time, is the foundation of a fulfilling and purposeful life. Time freedom and quality of life remains her top priority. She believes to be truly wealthy you have to be rich in love. With her family and friends from around the world, her life is over flowing in abundance and she is truly grateful every day. She encourages everyone to keep money in its proper perspective: Money is a renewable resource - time isn't.