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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780973380910
Title: Battlefront Nurses in WWI
Author: Maureen Duffus
ISBN: 9780973380910
Publication Date: 2009
Publisher: Town and Gown Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 8 x 9
Price: 29.95

This is the story of four years in the lives of two Nursing Sisters who enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Victoria in the summer of 1915. Both served overseas in England, Salonika and France as lieutenants with British Columbia's own unit of the Canadian Army Medical Corps. Their war experiences are recorded in the diary of N/S Elsie Collis, a memoir by N/S Ethel Morrison, and their albums of photographs.

Review - What began as a search to uncover her aunt's military past, eventually led local author Maureen Duffus to write a book about the role of nursing sisters during the First World War. She found her aunt's story so compelling she molded her research into her fifth book, Battlefront Nurses in WWI, a detailed look at nursing sisters through the lives of her aunt, Ethel Morrison, and another local nursing sister, Elsie Collis. Following the two women's lives, Duffus tells the story of the their travels to Egypt, France, Salonika and England - adventures that few women could have dreamed of at the time - and takes readers inside the Esquimalt training camp that prepared them for war. Duffus chronicles four years in the two nursing sisters' lives after they enlisted in the Canadian Expedition Force in Esquimalt, B.C. - Shelley Lipke, Staff writer, CFB Esquimalt Lookout.

Review #2 - 'The strength of this book is its use of the words and photographs provided by Collis and Morrison. Their efforts to record what was happening during the war will help us gain a better understanding of the work they did... and what the war was like for all the nursing sisters.' - Dave Obee, Times Colonist.