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Bryan Leach

Bio: Bryan Leach is a Calgary based adult and workplace educator, and facilitator. He has formal training in adult and workplace learning, leadership and development in organizations, and technical training in geology and engineering geology. Bryan has some 40 years of professional experience, much of which has involved managing multi-disciplinary project teams in the consulting engineering industry. He has lived and worked in England, Hong Kong, Canada and Italy. On taking early retirement in 2009, he established Imparando Consulting, his private practice specializing in knowledge management, organizational learning and facilitation. During his career, he has been an invited speaker to several technical organizations both in Canada and abroad. In recent years, Bryan has been invited to speak to various organizations and companies on the subjects of Knowledge Management, Managing Your Career and Mentoring. In addition to various technical papers and articles, he has published articles on organizational memory loss, knowledge management, integrating senior hires, and formal and informal mentoring. Bryan was also an invited contributing author to the book Learners in Mid-Life: Graduate Education and Workplaces in Canada, writing the chapter titled Reflections of an Engineer. He is passionate about mentoring and continues to mentor a diverse and broad cross-section of people.