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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9781927375389
Title: Emotionraising
Sub-Title: How to astonish, disturb, seduce and convince the brain to support good causes
Author: Francesco Ambrogetti
ISBN: 9781927375389
Publication Date: 2016
Publisher: Civil Sector Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Price: 47.00

Have you ever wondered what makes you cry when you watch a video, what makes you willing to donate to a cause? Based on recent discoveries in neurosciences applied to marketing and fundraising, this book explains how our brain decides. It explores the specific emotions that are activated in the mesmo-limbic system in the brain, the same part that controls our heartbeat, our memories and reacts to stimuli and rewards.

Using more than twenty years of fundraising experience from around the world, Francesco Ambrogetti explains why and how emotions guide our decisions and the role they play when we decide to support a cause or an organization.

Utilizing practical fundraising examples and successful cases (and also mistakes and errors) this book explains how igniting emotions is the key to everything we do and, in particular, the decisive element when we act to support others.

Review - Very few fundraisers spend even a small amount of time reflecting on how they will make their donors feel when they communicate. And they must. Emotion is key not only to generating a response, it is also essential in building retention and loyalty. This book provides a deliciously practical insight into the science of emotion, sharing some of the latest thinking in the domains of economics, neuro-science and psychology. Emotionraising is a modern fundraising classic that no reflective practitioner should be without." - Adrian Sargeant PhD, Professor of Fundraising and Director, University of Plymouth

Review #2 - 'In this landmark book, Emotionraising, veteran fundraiser Francesco 'Frankie' Ambrogetti has marshalled all the best and latest in neuroscience and behavioral science research-findings as they relate to fundraising. Emotionraising is jam packed with both the theory and the empirical proof of how and why 'emotion' works. And why, when the six key emotions are applied correctly their use is as predictable as the application of any other scientific principle. Emotionraising is more than a first-of-its-kind reference work for fundraisers. It's a treasure trove you can put to work immediately in your daily work.' -Roger Craver, Editor, The Agitator, Chilmark, Massachusetts