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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780994957818
Title: Life in the Past Lane (2)
Sub-Title: Fears & Phobias
Author: Chris Lee
ISBN: 9780994957818
Publication Date: 2016
Publisher: Chris Lee
Series:Life in the Past Lane
Series Number:2
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Price: 20.00

The follow-up to his successful first book, Life in the Past Lane: Fears & Phobias takes a look at what makes us scared and why. For more than 20 years, Chris Lee has developed and refied an extremely effective method of past life regression. Among his many clients benefitting from his assistance are those who have suffered debilitating fear. Life in the Past Lane: Fears & Phobias is a collection of 71 case histories, carefully selected from thousands of actual sessions, and offering an up close and personal look at clients reclaiming their lives.

Divided into sections for easier reading, and featuring many of the most common fears and phobias, this book may be especially interesting to readers who are grappling with their own aversions and wondering where they may have originated.

One does not need to believe in past lives in order to enjoy this book, but it will be difficult not to do so by the last page. Giving credit to one's imagination does not account for something one has never seen, done, or known before!