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Chris Lee

Bio: Chris Lee's evolution into behavioural patterns and personality traits began in the 1970s when he spent over 8 years as a Police Constable. He completed his Clinical Hypnotherapy training in 1995 which utilized current life therapy.

He further developed his expertise by studying the effects of past life regression with clients. As a result, this evolved into his own unique style of Past Life Regression and Progression therapy. By using his technique, Chris found his effectiveness in helping his clients went from 20% to about 95%.

Over the years he has taken people from all walks of life through thousands of Past and Future Lives. His mantra is, 'if you are not sure whether it's your past lives or your imagination, but your life improves, then who cares'.

For the past 21 years he has been hosting his 'Journey into Past Lives' talks and Workshops in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.