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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780978382414
Title: Sorceress
Author: David Korinetz
ISBN: 9780978382414
Publication Date: 2009
Publisher: David Korinetz
Series:Chronicles of The Daemon Knights
Series Number:2
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Price: 16.95

Stripped of her power, with deadly foes at every turn, Magdalen sets out for the safe haven of Toth. An unwilling witness to the murder of a FireDrake along the way, she is captured by a marauding band of Imperial Dog Soldiers. Their ruthless leader, Kaspar, is a crazed fanatic who will stop at nothing to see that she faces Emperor Gamel's harsh justice.

Unknown to either Kaspar or Magdalen, the Balorian knight responsible for her downfall has learned of her plight. Forsaking his duty to the order, Sir Rodney is compelled to rescue the woman who continues to haunt his dreams, but what is one man's desire compared to the combined might of an empire, and are things truly the way they seem?

Review - Both "FireDrakes" and now "Sorceress" are well crafted, eminently satisfying reads. Very highly recommended for both personal and community library fantasy/science fiction collections... - Michael Dunford for Midwest Book Review

Review #2 - This offering is even more developed and the action and characters more compelling than in his wonderful debut novel. In Sorceress Korinetz sets up multiple parallel story arcs - each one which could have been an independent and compelling story unto their own. He masterfully weaves in each as the tension builds in each arc to its ultimate climax where all arcs eventually join. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. - Todd A. Fonseca, author of The Time Cavern