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Red Tuque Books Inc.  Kimberley_Crowe

Kimberley Crowe

Bio: Kimberley was born and raised in Barrie, Ontario -September 05, 1973, where she attended high school and then continued her studies at the University of Western Ontario. Here she obtained a degree in English. She then moved south and worked at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida- which is where her desire for travel arose. She then ventured to France for a brief stay, only to return home and then to move south, once again, to join cruise ships for two years.Working for Norwegian Cruise Lines was truly a blessing in disguise, as her love for the water and its splendor fills her art canvas. After her time spent on cruise ships, Kimberley then attended Oxford University, England where she took her Post Graduate Degree in Education. She taught for one year thereafter in London, England and then returned home to Canada in 2000.

She is self-taught and passionate about all of her creative outlets. Feeling free to move and play with form, texture and color are what she needs to create the energy behind her work. Having been a teacher, the focus, children's literature and art was a nature flow and balance. Having a desire to create literature where children can learn from in a fun, bright manner, Kimberley created her first book titled Boop-Dee-Boo the Butterfly, based on friendship. from there Kimberley created her second book based on the welfare of animals. Wanting to teach children the necessities of caring for animals, Boop-Dee-Boo's Farm Friends was born! Although not the artist in the second of the series, Sophia Bokesch was commissioned to illustrate the text.