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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780988122970
Title: We're Already Home
Author: Terry Jordan, Lorna Tureski, Arnie Hayashi
ISBN: 9780988122970
Publication Date: 2014
Publisher: Wild Sage Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Price: 9.95

We're Already Home entertains and touches us as we experience the complexities of life when people from different cultural backgrounds live in close proximity to each other. From a starting point of tension and misunderstanding, the play takes us, with a dash of humour and a strong dose of the unexpected, to a place of friendship and empathy for others who are more similar to ourselves than we realize. The characters are delightfully engaging, including the curmudgeonly MS sufferer Roy who surveys the neighbourhood from his eyrie on the second floor of his house, newcomer Ali who collects jars of air from around the world, and Violet, the Okanagan elder trickster who sees the beauty and the folly in all human endeavour.

Review - We're Already Home is a beautiful story of two families - one Muslim and one Christian - who discover that their differences are not a barrier to friendship. I have been involved with the Interfaith Bridging Project in Vernon since the beginning and the play perfectly illustrates the project's mandate: to develop in-depth friendships and dialogue between inter-faith groups as well as rediscover ways that our different faiths can unite us and help us to overcome stereotypes. We're Already Home did all of that, but did it without proselytizing. Instead, with fine writing and gentle humour as well as solid performances from the actors who brought warmth and humanity to their roles, it showed us that we all share more than we may at first believe, regardless of our beliefs or the colour of our skin. - Katherine Mortimer, Vernon Morning Star.

Review #2 - We're Already Home is a powerful, wonderfully constructed play, both hilarious and moving. An important work for these times in North American culture that celebrates the complexities, richness and challenges of diverse cultures trying to arrive at what 'home' means in an everyday community initially fractured by misunderstanding. The play invents a human drama full of humor, tension and passion that reaches past itself to connect far into our larger society. - John Lent, author.