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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9780988122956
Title: Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle
Author: Bruce Rice
ISBN: 9780988122956
Publication Date: 2013
Publisher: Wild Sage Press
Format: Hardcover
Size: 8 x 8
Price: 14.95

Dorothy McMoogle, who wants to play the bugle till she's green and hang kumquat colours on every bush and tree, is tired of drab and neat. After Dottie Aunt Lottie's Gloom-O-Meter dings its warning, Dorothy hops into battle with boring grey. A story in rhyme to brighten the gloomiest day! An ode to creativity and being true to yourself, and having fun while you're at it, for children ages 4-9 and the young at heart.

Review - Holy Kumquat, but this book is fun: the rhymes and rhythms of Bruce Rice perfectly matched with the art of Wendy Winter. - Robert Currie, Saskatchewan Poet Laureate, 2007-2010.

Review #2 - This book is written in a fun, lilting rhyme that just begs to be read aloud; Bruce Rice has certainly caught upon what kids and their grown-ups like most from a story time book. Dorothy McMoogle plays with language in a way that will not only help young readers learn to deal with some more complex sounds, but will make it a joy for their grown-ups to read to them. It's not just the story, but the illustrations by Wendy Winter that make Dorothy McMoogle such a delightful little romp. There are so many playful details in the illustrations that you're likely to take as long looking at them as you do reading the words on each page. - Jessica Bickford, SPG Book Reviews.