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Red Tuque Books Inc.  9781771410724
Title: Baby Comes Home
Sub-Title: A Parent's Guide To A Healthy And Well First Eighteen Months
Author: Paul Roumeliotis
ISBN: 9781771410724
Publication Date: 2014
Publisher: Influence Publishing
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Price: 23.95

Ensuring a long and healthy life starts by fostering and providing the best beginning possible.

Unlike most baby care books, this early child care guide by pediatrician and health communicator DR. PAUL Roumeliotis takes a unique approach by emphasizing what scientific advances have confirmed that what happens early on in life affects one's overall health decades down the road.

Baby Comes Home communicates the latest scientific explanations on how positive or negative early childhood experiences can have lifelong consequences. The book begins by describing the vital changes that occur in a baby's brain during the first eighteen months. It then explores the new 'Science of TLC', that shows how tender, loving, and caring relationships with babies help to positively shape their brains. The book then presents important practical information on safety in the home and outdoors, baby routines/patterns, immunizations, injury prevention, nutrition, and more. To complete this useful guide, DR.PAUL also reviews common baby care issues and concerns as well as illnesses and conditions commonly seen during the first few years of life. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, daycare teacher, or child caregiver, this book is an excellent reference for your baby's current and future health, wellness, and prosperity.